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General inquiries: Info@icegeninc.com
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6619 13th Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11219
Phone: +1(855) 947-1100

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174-176 Torbay Road
L3R 1G6

Phone: +1(905) 947-1100
Fax: +1(905) 947-1105

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Our Services

Our Services
Our Engineering team has been working with slurry ice for over 30 years and offers the experience and expertise to provide an application solution and a custom system design to meet specific requirements of the project. The refrigeration system ...


Capacities are available from 2 to 120 tons of ice per day from a single Ice Generator. For greater capacity, multiple Ice Generators can be selected. The system capacity is based on the weight of ice crystals in slurry solution. For example, a 120 ton Ice Generator will produce 360 tons of slurry with 33% ice fraction.